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Audrey Sun’s Eco-Friendly Period Pads Gets Patented in Australia After US

ARNDELL PARK, NSW, AUSTRALIA, September 28, 2021 / — – Patent application for ‘Double Core’, an eco-friendly absorbent technology for period pads and developed in-house, has been approved for Australia and the US. – Trademark registration to be completed for French and Italian markets in 2nd half of the year.

Audrey Sun, a Korean eco-friendly women’s personal care brand, has been recognized for its unique technology and has obtained technology patents in Australia as well as in the United States. Last year, Audrey Sun entered the US with strong products and its brand position has been steadily rising. Audrey sun completed patent registration in Australia for ‘Double Core’, an eco-friendly period pad absorbent technology developed by their R&D center, thereby securing competitiveness in the US. Following this, they are initiating sales operations in the Australian market.

The patented double-core technology was also approved for Korean patent last year. It is a technology that uses organic cotton and natural pulp as the absorbent materials which provides a 100% natural alternative to commonly seen synthetic counterparts and was developed for those who advocate for more biobased products. Organic cotton with its instantaneous absorption and liquid distribution properties was used as the primary absorbent, and a 100% natural compressed pulp (by heat and pressure) is used as the secondary absorbent to not only provide comfort/fit but also increases the liquid volume it can hold. By using a pure organic cotton and natural pulp double layer, the advantages of each material are utilized and these natural absorbent materials that can be safely incorporated into the pad’s construction.

The main representative product that first used this double-core technology is in the ‘Audrey Sun TCF Double-Core Sanitary Pad’. From the cover and wings to the inner layers that do not come into direct contact with the skin (absorbents), OCS-certified organic cotton is used. In addition, chlorine-based bleach is not used at all due to the Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) process.

An official from the Audrey Reefs Australia R&D Center was quoted, “Since the first disposable sanitary napkins were introduced in 1970 and into the 90s, fast absorption and thin fit were the biggest criteria for purchasing sanitary napkins, but the biggest discussion topic in recent years is safety,” he said. “Audrey Sun TCF double-core sanitary pads offer the most advanced in organic sanitary pad technology as a safe and eco-friendly product from TCF treatment process to bio based raw materials.”

In addition, Audrey Sun obtained an excellent grade in skin safety test from Derma test in Germany. Audrey Sun has passed safety tests for the 12 types of volatile organic compounds such as xylene and benzene as well as harmful substances such as phthalate all resulting in a No Detection test result.

Currently, Audrey Sun has been introducing its products to the US market through Amazon since last year and has successfully entered major online malls and health and beauty stores in the Australian market. In the second half of 2021, trademark registration will be completed in the French and Italian markets, and the brand is expected to enter the European market shortly.

An official from Audrey Sun said, “Ever since the sanitary pad toxin crisis in 2017, Audrey Sun has been making efforts to develop eco-friendly sanitary pads that do not impact the human body or the environment to create a worry-free experience. We are also applying for corresponding patents in China, France, and Italy on our path to expanding our overseas markets.”


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